Precinct Information

Carteret County is divided into precincts for the purpose of voting. All residents of a precinct vote at the same “polling place” which is usually located within that precinct. Precincts may be “organized,” meaning they have a precinct chairman, or “unorganized,” meaning they do not have a precinct chairman. Being organized or unorganized as a precinct determines how votes are counted at the Carteret County GOP Convention. Being organized or unorganized has no effect on your voting in primaries, general, or other elections.

Most precincts in Carteret County are “organized” and have a Chair; some also have a Vice-Chair. These officers are elected in odd-numbered years at the annual Precinct Meeting. This meeting is called by the County Party and held in February or March. Notice of the date, time and place is published in the Carteret County News Times by the Carteret County Republican Party. Attendees at the Precinct Meeting select delegates to represent them at the County Convention, usually held in March of each year. Any Republican registered as of January 31st of that year, may attend his/her respective precinct meeting and vote. More information about Precincts can be found in the Carteret County GOP Plan of Organization.

Like most groups, precincts are only as strong as their members. Please take a minute to read about duties of a Precinct Chairman and Vice-Chair and other ways to be involved in your neighborhood.

What Precinct am I In?

Your precinct can be found using the link below and searching by your address. This search takes you to the NC State Board of Elections and shows your Polling Place Information, Sample Ballots and County Information. The map seen below the link gives an overview of how precincts are assigned in Carteret County.

Precinct Lookup

Precinct   Map

Volunteering In My Precinct

What are the duties of the Precinct Chairman?

The most important thing to remember about being a precinct chairman is that you are never alone. There are party members who will gladly assist. A short training session is held once a year at CCGOP Headquarters to help you learn what you can do for your precinct. The following “duties” are suggestions of how you can get your precinct involved with the local Republican party.

1. Identify and register voters in your precinct

This provides an opportunity to meet your neighbors and get to know your neighborhood. You can obtain a listed of registered voters in your precinct from the Board of Elections. You don’t have to do this alone. You can recruit other Republicans to help, perhaps by holding a Voter Registration Drive in the neighborhood.

2. Informing voters as to political events and helping turn out the vote

Have monthly meetings and big events that you can invite your neighbors to. Great way to get involved and stay up to date with what is going on in politics. Turning out Republican voters is important in every election

3. Attend County Executive Committee Meetings

As Chairman or Vice-Chairman, you are entitled to vote at County Executive Committee Meetings and help decide matters that affect your county.

4. Work at the polls and recruit people to work at the polls

We need people to work outside the polls passing out literature, people inside as Poll Observers, and people who go through the training to become a Precinct Election Official.

5. Running the Precinct Convention

The Precinct Convention is held once a year. Precinct Officers (Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary) are elected in odd-numbered years. It is a short meeting, usually held at a convenient location within your Precinct, or possibly at GOP Party Headquarters, on a Saturday morning in February or March. The GOP Party places an announcement in the Carteret County News Times about the Precinct Convention stating the date, various locations, times, and points of contact.

What are the duties of the Precinct Vice-Chairman?

1. Attend County Executive Committee Meetings.
2. Assist the Precinct Chairman with their duties and projects.
3. Serve as the Precinct Convention Chairman in the absence of the Precinct Chairman.

How can you get involved other than being a Precinct Officer?

There are many ways to help the Republican Party in your precinct without serving as a Precinct Officer.

Here are a few examples:

  • Volunteer to go door-to-door passing out GOP Information
  • Assist with GOP surveys around election time.
  • Assist with a Voter Registration Drive.
  • Host a “Get to Know the Candidates” gathering at your home or help organize such a gathering at a larger location and invite all of the precincts.
  • Attend your “Precinct” and “County” Conventions.
  • Participate in social events at GOP Headquarters by keeping up with the GOP Calendar and Upcoming Events section of the GOP Web Site.
  • Place signs within your precinct for Republican candidates before elections.
  • Work the polls during Early Voting and/or on Election Day doing things such as:
    • Passing out Republican literature outside the polling place.
    • Become a “Poll Observer” and watch what goes on inside the polling place during voting (this job requires a short training class usually done at GOP Party Headquarters).
    • Become a “Precinct Election Official” (judge, check-in person, or observer) This requires training through the County Board of Elections. For more information on becoming a “Precinct Election Official” go to:

If you want to be involved in any way, let the county party know by completing a volunteer form found under the “Volunteer” Icon on our Home page, or by submitting the “Contact Us” form on this page. The Carteret County GOP encourages all registered Republicans to stay informed about and active in local politics, as well as state and federal politics.

Precinct Chairmen & Vice-Chairmen

Atlantic Beach Chairman
Harry Archer
Atlantic Beach Vice-Chair
John Hopkins
Atlantic/Sea Level Chairman
Kathy Oslin
Atlantic/Sea Level Vice-Chair
Beaufort 1 Chairman
Karen Hardesty
Beaufort 1 Vice-Chair
Dianne Tetreault
Beaufort 2 Chairman
Travis Masters
Beaufort 2 Vice-Chair
Joyce Masters
Bogue Chairman Juli Cosgrove 
Bogue Vice-Chair
Broad Creek Chairman
Bob Cavanaugh
Broad Creek Vice-Chair
Cape Carteret/Cedar Point Chairman
Steve Malay
Cape Carteret/Cedar Pt Vice-Chair
Jan Grube
Cedar Island Chairman
Gary Styons
Cedar Island Vice-Chairman
Kelly Styons
Davis/Williston/Stacy Chairman
Weston Willis 262 Crocker Street
Davis, NC 28524
Davis/Stacy/Williston Vice-Chair
Kathryn Chadwick
Emerald Isle Chairman
Gus Wilgus
Emerald Isle Vice-Chair
Craig Williams
Harkers Island Chairman
Harkers Island Vice-Chair
Indian Beach/Salter Path Chairman
Indian Beach/Salter Path Vice-Chair
Marshallberg/Smyrna Chairman
Marshallberg/Smyrna Vice-Chair
Merrimon Chairman
Jim Burgess
Merrimon Vice Chair
Donna Burgess
Mill Creek Chairman
Mike Bell 130 Guy Bell Road
Newport, NC 28570
Mill Creek Vice-Chair
Morehead City 1 Chairman Harvey Walker
Morehead City 1 Vice-Chair
Mae Jackson 
Morehead City 2 Chairman
Joe McCammond 
Morehead City 2 Vice-Chair
Melvin Bright
Morehead City 3 Chairman
Morehead City 3 Vice-Chair
Morehead City 4 Chairman
Mary Boughton
Morehead City 4 Vice-Chair
Ida Gaskill 
Newport 1 Chairman
Newport 1 Vice-Chair
Newport 2 Chairman
Dan Smith
Newport 2 Vice-Chair
North River Chairman
Lyn Baker
North River Vice-Chair
Otway/Straits/Bettie Chairman
Otway/Straits/Bettie Vice-Chair
Peletier Chairman
Donna Comer
Peletier Vice-Chair
Pine Knoll Shores Chairman
Bill Price
Pine Knoll Shores Vice-Chair
Stella Chairman
Jessica Hult 
Stella Vice-Chair
Wildwood Chairman
Dennis Barber
Wildwood Vice-Chair
Wiregrass/Harlowe Chairman
Bob Pruett
Wiregrass/Harlowe Vice-Chair

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