Men's Club

Crystal Coast Republican Men


To increase the effectiveness of Republican men in the cause of good government through active and informed participation in the political process. To contribute to and support the aims and objectives of the Carteret County Republican party.



2019-2020 Officer

President  Harvey Walker
Vice President
Dan Smith
Assistance Treasurer
Bob Cavanaugh
Steve Malay
Assistance Secretary
Ken Woodlin
Sergeant at Arms
Bob Pruett
Director (Past President)
Bob Cavanuagh
Jimmie Green
Bob Cherry

2019-2020 Crystal Coast Republican Men's Club Officers are L-R: Bob Pruett, Sergeant at Arms; Ken Woolin, Asst. Secretary; Dan Smith, Vice-President; Dave Fowler, Carteret County GOP Chairman; Steve Malay, Secretary; Harvey Walker, President; Bob Cavanaugh, Director and Asst. Treasurer.

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