Elected Offices

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General Information

This section of the Carteret County GOP website is dedicated to general information about elections and elective offices. This information is found on the NC State Board of Elections website here.

All 28 precincts in Carteret county are in the:
  • 3rd US Congressional District
  • 2nd NC Senatorial District
  • 13th NC House District
  • 3B NC Judicial District

Elections can be broadly divided into two categories: Statewide general elections (often simply called "general elections") and municipal elections.

Municipal Elections

Most municipal elections occur in odd-numbered years, however municipalities are allowed some latitude in planning their elections. Municipal elections are held to elect the governing officials (mayor, city council, town council, etc.) of cities, villages and towns across North Carolina. Not all municipalities will have an election in a given odd-numbered year. A few municipalities elect their officials in even-numbered years. Although municipal elections are conducted by county boards of election, only residents of the municipality are qualified to vote in the election. These voters must have resided in the municipality for at least 30 days prior to the date of the election.

North Carolina law allows for four different types of municipal election methods. These four methods have been outlined by the North Carolina Legislature in Chapter 163, Article 24 of the North Carolina General Statutes. A municipality's chosen method of election is codified in their charter but must be one of the four types outlined by the State in order to comply with state law.

General Elections

Statewide general elections take place every two years on the Tuesday following the first Monday of November. This means that they can occur as early as November 2 or as late as November 8, depending on when the first Monday falls. Statewide general elections always occur in even-numbered years. Every other statewide general election has the office of President of the United States on the ballot.

Although the presidency is the most notable contest voted on during statewide general elections, the North Carolina General Statutes outline other national, state, and county offices to be voted on during a statewide general election.

Municipal Elected Offices

List of Municipal Officers

Carteret County Elected Offices

List of Carteret County Elected Officers
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North Carolina State Elected Offices

List of NC State Elected Officers
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Federal Elected Offices

List of Federal Elected Officers
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