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Carteret County GOP Leadership

CCGOP Officers

Dave Fowler, Chairman
Travis Masters, First Vice-Chairman
Juli Cosgrove, Second Vice-Chairman
Wrenn Johnson, Secretary
Richard Abell, Treasurer


CCGOP Standing Committees

Audit Committee

Richard Abell, Chairman
Donna Comer

Communications Committee

Wanda Nelson Fowler, Chairman
Jim Burgess
Juli Cosgrove
Mae Jackson
Steve Malay

Finance Committee

Bob Pruett, Chairman
Richard Abell
Donna Comer
Juli Cosgrove
Dave Fowler
Travis Masters
Dianne Tetreault

Nominations Committee

Pam Hanson
Greg Lewis
Bob Pruett

Social/Hospitality Committee

Mary Boughton
Scott Carpenter
Karen Hardesty
Judy & Gus Wilgus

CCGOP Executive Committee Membership 2017-2019

CC GOP Officers
Contact Information 
CC GOP Chairman Dave Fowler davefowlerccgop@gmail.com
1st Vice Chairman Travis Masters travis_masters@hotmail.com
2nd Vice Chairman Juli Cosgrove* yardlover43@yahoo.com
Secretary Wrenn Johnson wrennjohnson@gmail.com 
Treasurer Richard Abell rabell@ec.rr.com
Immediate Past GOP Chairman Greg Lewis greglewisccgop@ec.rr.com
Standing Committee Chairs Name
Contact Information 
Audit Richard Abell* rabell@ec.rr.com
Communications Wanda Fowler wandafowlergop@gmail.com
Finance Bob Pruett bobpruett@coastalnet.com
Nominations Pam Hanson pamela.ann.hanson@gmail.com
Social/Hospitality Mary Boughton* maryboughton@yahoo.com
Club Presidents Name
Contact Information 
Crystal Coast Republican Women Dianne Tetreault* diannetet@cs.com
Crystal Coast Republican Men Bob Cavanaugh* bobcavanaugh28570@gmail.com 
Partisan Elected Officials Name
Contact Information 
NC House of Representatives Pat McElraft NC House of Representatives
300 N Salisbury St, Room 634
Raleigh, NC 27603-5925
NC Superior Court Judge District 3B Seat 1 Paul Quinn pquinn@ec.rr.com
NC Superior Court Judge District 3B Seat 2 John Noble .com
Sherriff Asa Buck asabuck@hotmail.com
Clerk of Court Pam Hanson* pamela.ann.hanson@gmail.com
Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty* hardestyguns@gmail.com
County Commissioner District 1 Robin Comer (Vice-Chair) robincomer10@yahoo.com
County Commissioner District 2 Bill Smith wsmith@carteretcountync.gov
County Commissioner District 3 Bob Cavanaugh* bobcavanaugh28570@gmail.com
County Commissioner District 3 Mark Mansfield (Chairman) markmansfield2@gmail.com
County Commissioner District 4 Jimmy Farrington jimmy.farrington@carteretcountync.gov
County Commissioner District 5 Ed Wheatly ed.wheatly@carteretcountync.gov
County Commissioner District 6 Jonathan Robinson jonathan.robinson@carteretcountync.gov 
CC Board of Education District 1 John "Bubba" McLean @carteretcountync.gov 
CC Board of Education District 3 Robert Clark Jenkins @carteretcountync.gov 
CC Board of Education District 5 Brittany H. Wheatly @carteretcountync.gov 
CC Board of Education District 6 Kathryn Smith Chadwick @carteretcountync.gov 
Precinct Officers
Contact Information 
Atlantic Beach Chairman Harry Archer habeach@yahoo.com
Atlantic Beach Vice-Chair John Hopkins acctavern@live.com
Atlantic/Sea Level Chairman Kathy Oslin oslinkathy@hotmail.com
Beaufort 1 Chairman Karen Hardesty hardestyguns@gmail.com
Beaufort 1 Vice-Chair Dianne Tetreault diannetet@cs.com
Beaufort 2 Chairman Travis Masters travis_masters@hotmail.com
Beaufort 2 Vice-Chair Joyce Masters jsmasters@hotmail.com
Bogue Chairman Juli Cosgrove yardlover43@yahoo.com
Broad Creek Chairman Bob Cavanaugh bobcavanaugh28570@gmail.com
Cape Carteret/Cedar Pt Chairman Steve Malay smalay@ec.rr.com
Cape Carteret/Cedar Pt Vice-Chair Jan Grube tanker6jg@ec.rr.com
Cedar Island Chairman Gary Styons gkstyons@gmail.com
Cedar Island Vice-Chair Kelly Styons gkstyons@gmail.com
Davis/Stacy/Williston Chairman Weston Willis 262 Crocker St
Davis, NC 28524
Davis/Stacy/Williston Vice-Chair Kathryn Chadwick kchadwick@coastalnet.com
Emerald Isle Chairman Gus Wilgus awilgus@ec.rr.com
Emerald Isle Vice-Chair Craig Williams drtccraig@ec.rr.com
Harkers Island Chairman Open  
Indian Beach/Salter Path Chairman Open  
Marshallberg/Smyrna Chairman Open  
Merrimon Chairman Jim Burgess je.burgess@hotmail.com
Merrimon Vice-Chair Donna Burgess b_donna@hotmail.com
Mill Creek Chairman Mike Bell 130 Guy Bell Rd
Newport, NC 28570
MHC 1 Chairman Harvey Walker harveywalker06@gmail.com
MHC 1 Vice-Chair Mae Jackson maedives@gmail.com
MHC 2 Chairman Joe McCammond mccammond@gmail.com
MHC 2 Vice-Chair Melvin Bright melvinbright2418@outlook.com
MHC 3 Chairman Open  
MHC 4 Chairman Mary Boughton maryboughton@yahoo.com
MHC 4 Vice-Chair Ida Gaskill ipgretiredrn@gmail.com
Newport 1 Chairman Open  
Newport 2 Chairman Dan Smith dcx2@ec.rr.com
Newport 2 Vice-Chair Open  
North River Chairman Lyn Baker lynbaker75@yahoo.com
Otway/Straits/Bettie Chairman Open  
Peletier Chairman Donna Comer donna@donnacomer.net
Pine Knoll Shores Chairman Bill Price BillPrice2112@gmail.com
Stella Chairman Jessica Hult hadnotcreekkennel@gmail.com
Wildwood Chairman Dennis Barber dennyb59@embarqmail.com
Wiregrass/Harlowe Chairman Bob Pruett bobpruett@coastalnet.com
At-Large Members Name
Contact Information 
  Fred Boothe nboothe@ec.rr.com
  Stephanie Broughton broughton.stephanie@yahoo.com
  Janie Burkett janie50@ec.rr.com
  Chris Chadwick cchadwick4@ec.rr.com
  Kevin Daniel kevingop@gmail.com
  Sandie Deuel sandiecollins2003@yahoo.com
  Kent Jackson kent.m.jackson@twc.com
  Annizel Martin amartin4@ec.rr.com
  Rosemary McCammond mccammond@gmail.com
  Danny McQueen dm@bizec.rr.com
  Vada Palma vpalma@ec.rr.com
  Jesse G. Vinson jvinson@ec.rr.com
  Judy Wilgus jcwilgus@ec.rr.com

* = duplicate name

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